$ 229.00

Product description

The Chorus is the newest in the We-Vibe line of wearable vibrators. This model boasts a remote with superb connectivity, and a feature that lets you squeeze to determine the strength of vibration.

It's adjustable, making it a good fit for many folks' bodies. The original features remain in place: Two motors can operate simultaneously, or in tandem. It's waterproof and made of top quality silicone. It has a remote control that will operate at a distance of up to three metres. It's bluetooth enabled, and comes with a great smartphone app that allows you to fully customize your settings. You can even allow someone else to control it for you, whether they be across the room or across the continent.

The Chorus sits in a dock to charge. The dock has a lid for discretion and doubles as a travel case. The cord plugs into the dock and the other end to a USB port.

WARRANTY: 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects.